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Sodium Dehydrocholate
Ampules Sodium Dehydrocholate
George A Breon and Co., Inc. Kansas City, MO.
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Cardboard box containing 24 ampules of sodium dehydrocholate. Box originally contained 25 ampules. Also included in the box is a small metal ampule opener in a wax paper envelope. This type of glass ampule was typically used in the 1930s and 1940s.

Also known as decholin, sodium dehydrocholate was first indroduced in 1931 in the measurement of circulation time, a treatment for pennecilin reactions and as a diuretic.

Although considered the least toxic of all bile salts in the body, a 2 percent solution will stop the heart of a rabbit within a few seconds.
H–4 W–4.75 L–4.75 inches
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