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parke, Davis and Company
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Cardboard box with uritone ampules. The box is made to hold 6 ampules and 4 amopules remain in the box. The box reads Glaseptic ampoules URITONE for intravenous use. each 5 cc containes 2 gms. 31 grains. Distributed by Parke, Davis and Co.
Each ampule is stored in individual boxes within the larger outside box.

According to the Manual of Therapeutics, published by Parke, Davis and Company in 1909, Uritone is a urinary antiseptic containing formaldehyde and ammonia. It is used for bladder, kidney and urinary tract infections and ailments. It also proved helpful in the treatment of typhoid fever as well as limiting its spread. While the sample in this collection are for intravenous use, it was also administered orally, mixed with a large amount of water to limit stomach irritation.

Uritone is still used today and available in tablet form to treat ailments such as urinary tract infections as well as disolving kindey stones.
H–3.25 W–2.5 D–1.75 inches
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