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Zonas Adhesive Plaster
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Zonas Adhesive Plaster
Manufactured by Johnson & Johnson Company, New Brunswick, NJ
1/2 inch lyard

Zonas Adhesive Plaster was a rubber–based adhesive tape. The name "Zonas" was derived from the plaster ingredients, zinc oxide, that soothed potential skin irritation. The adhsive plaster was used to close small wounds and hold dressings in place. The adhesive plaster was sold in the early 20th century, in colorful round metal cylinders with a red cross on the lid.

An excerpt from Johnson & Johnson Hand Book of First Aid, Johnson & Johnson, New Brunswick, NJ 1911, p. 35:
“Adhesive Plaster has a great variety of uses independent of its surgical application. In the household, the workshop, the factory, and in travelling, it has an almost inexhaustible list of everyday uses.”
H–0.75 Dia–1 inches
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