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Manufactured by Merck & Co., Rahway, NJ
Lot #: 192

Tryparsamide was used during the mid 20th century as an intravenous injection to treat syphilis of the central nervous system. The clear glass ampule contained 1 gram of white Tryparsamide powder and was formed into an injectable solution with the addition of water. The glass ampule contaning the drug was distributed in a green carboard sleeve and included literature for the physician on drug dosage recommendations, administration, and precautions with use.

Set of (2) two ampules. One ampule is listed above (1 gram, lot 192). The other ampule is a 2 gram sample with a lot # 171. Both Tryparsamide forumations were made and sold by Merck & Co.
H–3.5 Dia–0.75 inches
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