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Cupric Sulphate Cu SO 4
Whitall, Tatum and Co. Phila. and New York
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Clear glass bottle with glass lid and stopper. Mold blown glass. Cupric Sulphate Cu SO 4 molded into glass. The bottle is empty. The bottom of the bottle is marked: Patented March 23, 1879, Whitall, Tatum and Co. Phila; New York.

Also known as copper sulfate, cupric sulphate is a fungicide and pesticide. Typically, it is used to control fungus on produce such as grapes and melons as well as the contol of algea, although it is highly toxic.

During the 19th century and early 20th century, cupric sulphate was used as an emetic. Although now considered to toxic for this use, it is still listed as an antidote in the World Health Organizations Anatomical therapeutic Chemical Classification System.

Another common use for cupric sulphate was for the etching of zinc or copper plates for intaglio printmaking.

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