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Camphor Ampules
Premo Pharmaceutical labs, Inc.
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Cardboard box containing 6 ampules of camphor with sesame oil for intramuscular use. 3 grains of camphor per cc. Made and packaged by Premo Pharmaceutical labs, Inc. Included in the box along with the ampules is a wax paper envelope containing an ampule opener. Hand written notes on the inside lid read cardiac stimulant, diaphoratic, hysteria, exhaustion.

Camphor is a natural product derived from the wood of the cinnamomum camphora tree. It has a long history of use as an anteseptic, analgesic, and counterirritant. Its popularity is largely due to its mild anesthesizing effect and feeling of heat and odor. Today, camphor is primarily used as an inhalant in the treatment of colds and as a topical analgesic.

In the early to mid 20th century, camphor was used along with an oil, in this case sesame oil, as an injectable treatment for arthritis, engorged breasts for new mothers unable to nurse, and as a circulatory and respiratory stimulant.

In the 1930s camphor and oil were used in experiments to treat schizophrenia. It was thought that a patient suffering from schizophrenia would be cured or at least improve if a seizure was brought on. Injection of camphor and oil often brought on seizures and was the precursor to electric shock therapy.

H–0.75 W–3 L–2.5 inches
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