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Ergotole (Spanish Ergot)
Prepared by Sharp & Dohme Manufacturing Chemists, Baltimore, MD

Ergot is a fungus that grows on rye and has been used in medications to treat a variety of medical conditions. The history of Ergot has been traced back thousands of years, and historians have suspected ergot may have played a role in the Salem witch trials of 1692. Some believe the peculiar behavior of women suspected of witchcraft stemmed from the injestion of ergot–contaminated food.
Despite the known safety concerns, ergot continued to be utilized as a medication. Women used it to treat excessive bleeding during menstrual cycles; and in childbirth, it was utlized by physicians to speed up labor. The use of ergot was eventually discontinued for child delivery in 1824 when it was discovered that it played a significant role in stillbirths. In addition, Ergot was used to treat postpartum hemorrhage and varicose vains into the early 20th century.

Set of two (2) bottles
H–2.5 W–1 L–2 inches
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