Pharmacy: Combination Tablets : The Pharmacists Own Cures and Mixtures

19th century pharmacists oftentimes created their own remedies to sell to their customers. The recipes for these remedies were often a closely held secret.

The pharmacist manufactured, bottled and labeled his own concoctions for both wholesale and retail sales. Some operations were large enough that the pharmacists just gave the prescribed cures a number.

Called Combination Tablets, the pharmacist made up a variety of pills, numbering the different kinds. When a customer came to the pharmacy and described their complaint the pharmacist just dispensed the premade, corresponding cure.

Many bottles, pharmacy accessories and shop furniture from our collection are housed in an 1850s pharmacy unit once located in the Canis Pharmacy in New York City. Visitors to our museum can see authentic 19th century medicines displayed as they once were in an autentic 19th century pharmacy.

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Pharmacy: Combination Tablets