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Medicine Bottle
Combination Tablets
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Small mouth–blown glass bottle containing homeopathic pink tablets. White label reads, "Luyties Combination Tablets No. 12".

Dr. Herman Luyties studied under homeopathic doctors in Germany before coming to America to open a small homeopathic pharmacy in St. Louis. From 1853 on he expanded his buisness until it became one of the largest and most highly regarded homeopathic pharmacies in the world. Recieving the 1904 World Fair's Grand Prize of Medicine was just one on his long list of achievements.
Combination Tablets, such as this one, were made for specific illnesses such as "Whooping Cough" and "Headache". The thought is that he prescribed these tablets for his traveling patients he could not see himself.

This specific bottle contains tablets used to relieve chronic and acute headaches, sick headaches, neuralgia, spasmodic pains, migraines, and hysteria.
Ingredients include:

Iris: Was used to reduce the swelling of soft–tissues due to excess water accumulation (AKA "dropsy").
Nax Vomica: A more common name for the strychnine tree, Nax vomica is not as widely used in modern medicine as it had been before. It has been used to treat diseases of the digestive tract, heart and circulatory disorders, lung disease, depression and migraine headaches. It is, however, also manufactured in rat posion, due to its deadly effects. In doses over 30mg it can be deadly to humans.
Another ingredient is included, although it is illegible due to fading of the label. The ingredient's name ends with "–lipirin".
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