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Medicine Bottle
Combination Tablets
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Clear mouth–blown glass bottle with a tan label reading, "For Chronic Neuritis/ Tablet No. 243". Was prepared by Boericke & Runyor who were based in New York and Philadelphia. The founding partner, William Boericke, was the nephew of Francis Boericke from Boericke & Tafel.
These particular tablets were used to treat nerve pain and other nerve ailments.
Ingredients include:
Kali phosphoricum– Is currently sold to treat tension headaches that are associated with intellectual fatigue.
Hypericum– Used since atleast Classical antiquity as a mental nerve remedy, now mainly to help fight mild cases of anxiety and depression.
Rhus tox– Collected from Poison Ivy, this remedy was often used as an athritis and joint remedy.
Arsenicum album– One of the most well–known natural remedies, these tablets are used to treat anxiety, fear, digestive disorders, and many other problems.
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