Pharmacy: Combination Tablets : The Pharmacists Own Cures and Mixtures
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Medicine Bottle
Combination Tablets
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Description / History:
Clear mouth–blown glass bottle with white and blue label that reads, "H. C. 50". Includes multiple warnings such as "not suitable for children" and "the efficacy of Pepsin in this tablet is doubtful". These tablets seemed to be used for digestive problems such as diarrhea and gas.
Ingredients include:
Nux Vomcia: Currently used in rat posion, but has been used in medicine as a cure for digestive tract disorders, heart and circulatory disorders, depression and erectile dysfunction.
Pepsin: Was used to help with the digestion of protiens. Now, it is normally prescibed with hydrolic acid for acute dyspepsia.
Bismuth Subnitrate: Was used for vomiting from irriation and diarrhea. Unfortunetly, it has also been known to cause gastro–intestinal irritation or arsenic poisoning given the right circumstances.
Vegetable Charcoal: Made from the carbonization of coconut husks, this remedy is thought to absorb gas in the stomach, thus relieving gas, cramps and bloating.
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