Pharmacy: Combination Tablets : The Pharmacists Own Cures and Mixtures
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Medicine Bottle
Combination Tablets
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Clear mouth–blown glass bottle with a tan label that reads, "Crataegus–Passiflora–Nitro–glycerine Tablets". Distributed by Boericke & Tafel.
Ingredients include:
Crataegus oxycantha: AKA Hawthorne. Was used to treat heart disease.
Passiflora incarnata: Was used to treat anxiety and depression. In modern studies it has been shown to decrease symptoms of withdraw from certain drugs.
Nitro–glycerine: Is used to treat the symptom of chest pain and tightness (angina) due to ischemic heart disease. Since 1847 it has been most commonly been used as an active ingredient in explosives.
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