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Medicine Bottle
Combination Tablets
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Clear mouth–blown glass bottle with a tan label that reads, "Combination Tablets/ No.174". This medicine was sold by Boericke & Tafel, who were based in Philadelphia starting in the mid 19th century. These particular tablets were used to treat frequent urination, heavy red sediment, and burning pain in the kidneys.
Ingredients include:
Berberis vulgaris– This plant is mildly poisonous and is banned from Canada and some states in the United States due to its negative effect on wheat and other related grains. Despite these facts, it is still sold today for kidney and bladder support.
Lycopodium– The pollen of this plant was not only used in natural remedies, but was also used as a coating for pills and a component to fireworks. It was often used by physicians stimulate an appetite and induce urination.
Terebinthina– Made from the Oil of Turpentine, this remedy was used for irritable bowl, kidney problems, and urine retention.
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