Pharmacy: Combination Tablets : The Pharmacists Own Cures and Mixtures
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Medicine Bottle
Combination Tablets
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Description / History:
Clear mouth–blown glass bottle with white label that reads, "No. 1281/ (A)cetophenetidin, Caffeine and Aconite Compound".
Ingredients include:
Acetophenetiden: Used as a painkiller.
Caffeine: Often used to cure headaches.
Tinicture of Aconite: Was used to lessen the early stages of a fever and lessen bodily pain. In certain doses can be deadly.
Tincture of Bryonia: Was used to cure headaches, constipation, fevers and chronic inflammation, among other things.
Tincture of Asclepias tuberosa: Used to treat a number of symptoms due to basic colds.
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