Pharmacy: Combination Tablets : The Pharmacists Own Cures and Mixtures
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Medicine Bottle
Combination Tablets
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Brown mouth–blown glass bottle with white and blue label. Made for the order of Dr. G.A. Sayers by Boericke & Tafel.
Ingredients include:
Belladonna: Can be used to treat various gastrointenstinal disorders. In certain doses, Belladonna can be very poisonous.
Camphor: A common remedy to fight the common cold.
Conium Maculatum: Also known as "Poison Hemlock". This plant has been used throughout history as a poison, its most famous victim being the philosopher Socrates. In medicine, it is used to treat a broad spectrem of ills, including but not limited to severe abdomen and stomach pains, depression, headache and breast pain.
Granatum: More commonly known as the pomegranate, the remedy is used to cure ills including but not limited to stomach pains, constant hunger, and joint pain.
Illegibal ingredient "–id Nitr. Mur."
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