Pharmacy: Shop Furniture : Bulk containers for herbs, powders and liquids
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Shop Furniture
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Collection of large pharmacy bottles used to store bulk quantities of drugs to be mixed for dispensing.
19th century mouth blown glass with glass stoppers. The labels, although slightly different in color, incorporate the same format and symbols.

Bottle A. Labled Tinctura Valerianae Ammoniata. Label is an aged–yellow color with gold trim. Bottle is stained black and still contains some liquid. Ingredients of the solution include Valerian Rhizome (in No. 4 powder), oil of nutmeg, oil of lemon, solution of Ammonia, and alcohol. Valerian Rhizome is a nervine stimulant and antispasmotic. It was therefore used for hysteria and functional nervous disorders because of its ability to suppress muscle spasms.

Bottle B. Labled Elixir Pepsini Et Bismuthi. Label is white with gold trimming. Bottle still contains a small amount of golden solidified solution. Ingredients of the solution include Stronger Glycerin of Pepsin, Bismuth and Ammonium Citrate, alcohol, and Simple Elixir. This combination is a sedative to the gastric mucous membrane, and so was used as for digestion.

Bottle C. Labeled Tinctura Cardamomi Composita. Label is an aged–yellow with gold timming. The labeled treatment contains Cardamom seeds, which are aromatic and carminative. The solution was mainly used as a carminative to combat flatulence and as a corrective of cordial, tonic, and purgative medicines.

Bottle D. Labeled Tinctura Crataegus. Label is cream colored with an olive green trimming. Used to contain an alcoholic abstract of Hawthorn berries. Hawthorn is currently used in homeopathic medicines to cure a number of ailments. It is not only used for diseases of the heart and blood vessels, but is also used to treat both low and high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Some people also use Hawthorn for digestive complaints, anxiety and tapeworms.

Bottle E. Labeled Tinctura Ferri Chloridi. Label is white with gold trimming. Bottle still contains a dark brown solidifed solution. This solution is an astringent that is often applied on the throat and may be used as a hematinic.

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