Pharmacy: Shop Furniture : Bulk containers for herbs, powders and liquids
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Shop Furniture
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There are two bottles in this collection. Each are made of mold–blown glass dating them to the late 19th century. These bottles have a wider opening at the top called a Salt Mouth to allow for insertion of a spoon. Embossed on the bottom is the name "Walton". During this time period, Walton & Co. was one of the most common makers of apothecary bottles in the United States. In addition, the labeling on these bottles are typical of the American pharmacy bottle industry in that the names of the substances are painted onto thin ceramic wafers which were attached to the bottle with beeswax and then covered by thin glass. Descriptions of the contents are below.

Bottle A: Has the label "Crocus Martis (Iron Oxide)". This substance is a reddish–purple powder. It may have been used in unusual treatments of diarrhea, but it was most likely used with other ingredients to make medications. Today, it is used as a polishing powder in pottery glazes.

Bottle B: Has the label "Carbo Animalis Purificatus". This substance is a black powder and is purified animal charcoal. It was used primarily to decolorize various organic matters such as strychnine (a strong poison) and to purify syrups and glucose. For this reason, it is used extensively in sugar refineries.
H–10.25 Dia–3.25 inches
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