Pharmacy: Shop Furniture : Bulk containers for herbs, powders and liquids
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Shop Furniture
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In this collection there four amber colored glass bottles used to hold a variety of medicines. No medicine remains in these bottles today. The bottles have been made with machine blown glass which indicates that the bottles would have been produced and used during the mid to late 1800s. Each of the bottles contain a glass label with a painted gold and red border and artistic design in gold highlighting the black italicized name of the substance that was once in the bottles. Below is a brief description of the bottles and the contents that were once in the bottles.

Bottle A: This bottle contains a label reading "OL. RICIN," which was the abbreviation for castor oil made from ricinoleic acid. In the medical world, castor oil was originally used as a laxative. Today, castor oil is combined with many unique compounds to produce a plethora of drugs used as miotic inhibitors, immunosuppressors, antifungal agents, HIV protease inhibitors, and other specific biological products that help the body reach homeostasis. Alternative medicine has suggested that putting castor oil in the body will help cure cancer.

Bottle B: Bottle B contains the label "SYR. RUB. ID." In the1800s, this substance was mixed with a variety of ingredients to help with a variety of symptoms including acute gastric catarrh without fever (inflammation of stomach), tough skin after a disease, enlarged cervical lymph nodes in children, and convulsions.

Bottle C: Bottle C contains the label "ELIX. NEMBUTAL," which stands for Nembutal Elixir. Nembutal Elixir is a barbiturate. Barbiturates are central nervous system depressants leading to drowsiness. By the mid 1900s, there were over 20 types of drugs produced with Nembutal Elixir. Many times Nembutal Elixir was used before surgery to relieve anxiety. It was also used to help with insomnia (although if taken longer than two weeks it became ineffective), epilepsy and convulsions, and even to calm you child (specifically used while teething). Today there is a major controversy over babituates specifically Nembutal. When taken in large enough doses, Nembutal can kill you. Many elderly and desperately ill people would like to use Nembutal to die a peaceful death. Because Nembutal is hardly prescribed anymore and extremely hard to get, many of these people have been traveling to Mexico where they can purchase Nembutal through a veterinarian in order to assist them in their suicide.

Bottle D: This bottle contains the label "PETROLAT. LIQ," the abbreviation for petrolatum liquid, also known as mineral oil. The original use of petrolatum liquid was as a laxative. Today, it is still used as a laxative, but mainly for animals specifically cats, dogs, and horses. It also can be applied to the skin as ointment for protection and comfort. Today we are typically most familiar with petroleum jelly or Vaseline.
H–7.5 W–2.5 L–2.5 inches
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