Pharmacy: Shop Furniture : Bulk containers for herbs, powders and liquids
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Shop Furniture
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This collection contains two bottles that are made of hand blown glass. The bottles are cylindrical in shape however have a narrow neck and small top. The bottles both contain glass labels that are elevated anf seperate from the bottle. The labels are in the shape of a flattened octagon and have a gold and red border with black and gold font with the name of the original contents. Below is a brief desciption about each bottle.

Bottle A: Bottle A contains the label "Chloroform." Chloroform was orginally used as a powerful anesthetic and changed the way of medicine by allowing doctors to perform rather painful surgeries. It was discovered by an obstetrician in 1847 and was given to mothers via inhalation during labor. Today, chloroform is no longer used in the United States because of its high toxicity level. This particular bottle still has a small amount of chloroform remaining and has died the bottles a dark red color.

Bottle B: Bottle B contains a label reading "Acid. Carbolic," also called carbolic acid or phenol. Carbolic acid is an extremely toxic compound, however was used in the late 1800s as a disinfectant. In 1867, carbolic acid was discovered by surgeoun, Joseph Lister, and was used as an antimicrobial agent to clean and dress wounds. There is a small a amount of carbolic acid left in the bottle. It looks like a red syrup.
H–5.75 Dia–1.75 inches
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