Pharmacy: Shop Furniture : Bulk containers for herbs, powders and liquids
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Pharmacy Bottles
Shop Furniture
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Set of eight 19th century pharmacy bottles. Clear blown glass with glass stoppers. Labels are white with gold trim and are affixed to the bottles using thin concave sheets of clear glass.

Bottles are labeled:

Tr. Helonia. An alcohol solution with helonia, an herb also known as False Unicorn. Used as a tonic for the uterus, to normalize the functions of organs, for pain in the ovaries, to prevent miscarriage and to treat morning sickness during pregnancy.

Tinc. Rhei. Ar. Aromatic Tincture of Rhubarb. Used as a cathartic in the treatment of indigestion and constipation.

F. E. Buchu. Fluid Extract of Buchu. Buchu has been used to treat inflammation and kidney and urinary tract infections, as a diuretic and as a stomach tonic. Other uses include the treatment of cystitis, urethritis, prostatitis, gout and yeast infections.

Vin. Antim. Antimony Wine. Its medicinal value is as a sedative, emetics, expectorant, nauseant. Used to treat chronic rheumatism.

F. E. Gentian. Fluid extract of Gentian is a tonic and appetite stimulant. Used in the treatment of Gastric derangement

Tinctura Aloes. Aloe Tincture is an active cathartic. Used in the treatment of Gastric derangement.

F. E. Aconite. Fluid extract of Agonitum also known as Monkshood used as a cardiac sedative in the treatment of pneumonia, pleurisy, tonsillitis, and erysipelas

Tr. Persion. Tincture of Persimmon used as a tonic and astringent in the treatment of disease of the bowels, chronic dysentery, and uterine hemorrhage.
H–9 Dia–2.75 inches
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