Pharmacy: Shop Furniture : Bulk containers for herbs, powders and liquids
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Shop Furniture
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This collection contains a set of six pharmacy bottles. The bottles are machine blown and would have been used in the mid to late 1800s. Each bottle contains a unique label describing the contents that were in the bottles when in use. Each label also comes with a black and gold border and a design surrounding the words. Below is a description of each bottle and the contents originally in them.

Bottle A: Bottle A contains a label which reads "Pancreatin." Pancreatin is used to help break down and digest food. No contents remain in the bottle today.

Bottle B: Bottle B contains a label which reads "Terpini Hydras." Terpini hydras is used as an expectorant, clearing mucus from the airways, specifically for the illnesses of bronchitus and hay fever. There are no contents left in the bottle.

Bottle C: Bottle C contains the label "Iron Magnesium Citrate." Iron Magnesium Citrate is used as a laxative. There is still some of the original contents remaining in the bottle. It is approximately 1/4 filled with reddish, brown crystals.

Bottle D: Bottle D contains two labels – one label similar to the rest of the bottles in this collection reading "Trional" and another label on the other side reading "Trional Sulfonethylmethane Elmer & Amend New York." Trional is a synonym for sulfonethylmethane and is used as a sedative and an anestetic drug. It was invented by Eugen Baumann and Alfred Kast in 1888.

Bottle E: Bottle E contains a label reading "Bismuth Subnitras," also known as bismuth subnitrate. Bismuth subnitrate was originally used as an antiseptic. Today it is often used in many antibiotics.

Bottle F: Bottle F contains the label "Sulfur Praec." the abbreviation for Sulfur praecipitatum meaning precipiated sulfur. Precipitated sulfur is used in a variety of ointments and creams to treat skin diseases specifically acne today. It's original purpose was a cream which helped to heal scabies.
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