Pharmacy: Shop Furniture : Bulk containers for herbs, powders and liquids
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Pharmacy Bottles
Shop furniture
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Set of four late 19th century medicine bottles. The bottles are made of clear mold blown glass with glass stoppers. Labels are white with gold trim and are affixed to the bottles with a thin sheet of concave glass.

Bottles are labeled

Ol. Terebinth. Oil of Terebinth, whose medicinal properties were discovered in Greece, was used during the 19th century as an anti inflammatory

Tinct. Digitalis. Tincture, an alcohol mixture, of Digitalis. Used as a sedative and cardiac tonic, slowing and strengthening the heart beat.

Ol. Monar. Used to treat bacterial pathogine in the respiratory tract

Spir. Camphor. A solutuin of alcohol and camphor, a strong smelling compound found in a species of Asian trees. Used as a calming agent in the treatment of hysteria or nervousness and as a treatment for diarrhea, digestive gas, nausea, or bronchitis. I was also used externally to releive the pain of rheumatism, burises, and sprains.
H–7 Dia–2.25 inches
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