Pharmacy: Shop Furniture : Bulk containers for herbs, powders and liquids
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Pharmacy Bottles
Shop Furniture
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Set of five late 19th century clear glass mold blown glass pharmacy bottles with glass stoppers. Bottle labels are white with gold and blace trim.
Bottles are labeled

Cinchonin Hydrochloride. Used in the treatment of malaria

Quininae Hydrobrom. Used in the treatment of malaria

Sodii Iodidum. Used to treat or prevent iodine deficiency caused by poor nutrition or poor absorption by the body

Lycoposium. Used both as a tea and externally as a compress for the treatment of skin, liver, kidney and urinary tract infections, rheumatism, and gout.

Hydrargyri Chloridum Mite. Also known as calomel. This mercury based drug was used to treat a variety of illnesses. It was used as a cathartic to promote vomiting. Calomel has been employed topically for various purposes. It has been snuffed up the nostrils in ozaena; blown into the eyes in chronic ophthalmia, with or without specks in the cornea; employed as a gargle, suspended in mucilage, in ulcers of the throat; introduced into the larynx, by inhalation, in chronic inflammation of that organ; injected into the urethra in gonorrhoea; and, in the state of ointment made with a drachm of calomel to an ounce of lard or simple ointment, used as a dressing for indolent or specific ulcers, and by inunction in chronic cutaneous eruptions. It has also been used for fumigation; and some prefer it for this purpose to any other preparation of mercury.

H–5.5 Dia–2 inches
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