Pharmacy: Shop Furniture : Bulk containers for herbs, powders and liquids
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Pharmacy Bottles
Shop Furniture
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Collection of seven large, 19th century, clear glass bottles. Used to store bulk chemicals for dispensing. Five of the bottles have white labels with gold trim, one has a white label with blue trim and one has a white label with black trim. Two of the bottles have labels that are affixed with a thin sheet of curved glass. They contain(ed):

Bottle A: This bottle contained an alcoholic solution of ferric pepton et mangani. This solution was made by adding Solution of ferric oxychloride and sodium nitrate to a freshly prepared and previously neutralized solution of pepton (made from egg albumen). When perfect solution has been effected an alcoholic solution of oil of orange, vanillia, and acetic ether is added as flavoring, and sufficient water to make up the required volume. Contains 15 percent by volume of alcohol and 5 percent each of syrup and glycerin. An addition of soluble manganese citrate is made.

Bottle B: This bottle contains Elix cinch. et Fer.

Bottle C: Tinc. Catech.Co. Tincure of Catechu is five percent mixure of Gambir with fifty percent alcohol flavored with cinnamon. Used internally in the treatment of intestinal cartarrh, and some heavy metal poisonings. Externally, it is used as an astringent. Gambir is also used as a tanning agent in making leather.

Bottle D: Gargarisma Pot. Chlorat. Gum Ferro. Potassium Chlorate Gargle with Iron.

Bottle E: Liquor Pepsini Aromaticus. Contains pepsin, hydrochlocloric acid, glycerin and a mixture of the oils of cinnamon, pimenta, and clove as well as three and one half percent alcohol. Uses as a digestant, in dyspepsia, and achuylia gastricia

Bottle F: Elixir terpini Hyd. Et Codeinae. Used as an analgesic, hypnotic and sedative. Was believed to be less addictive than morphine. In addition to codeine, this mixture contained approximately forty two percent alcohol.

Bottle G: Label is not legible
H–10.25 W–3.25 inches
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