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Alumin. Acetate
Shop Furniture
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Clear glass bottle labeled Alumin. Acetate. The bottle hand blown glass and includes an open pontil on the bottom indicated it was manufactured before 1855.

Karl Burow, a 19th century ophthalmologist, invented Burow's solution made with Aluminium Acetate dissolved in water. The preparation has astringent and antibacterial properties and was used to treat a variety of skin conditions. Burow's solution was also used in the treatment of ear infection, applied as ear drops with 5 percent aluminium acetate.

Still used today, Aluminuim Acetate is a chemical compound produced by the reaction of aluminum hydroxide and acetic acid. It is used topically as a wet dressing, compress, or soak for the tempory reliefe of itching and to soothe the skin. It releives skin irritation cause by such ailments as insect bites, athlete's foot or poison ivy.

H–5.5 Dia–2.5 inches
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