Pharmacy: Shop Furniture : Bulk containers for herbs, powders and liquids
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Tinct. Capsici
Shop Furniture
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Clear mouth blown glass bottle with glass stopper labeled Tinct. Capsici. The label is white with gold trim and affixed under glass.

Tincture of Capsici is also known as Tincture of cayenne pepper. Acording to Kings American Dispensatory, in 1898, "Tincture of cayenne pepper is a useful and permanent stimulant, and may be administered in depressed states of the system, with torpor of the stomach, as with inebriates, and in typhoid stages of febrile diseases; also to prevent the nausea which oil of turpentine is apt to occasion. It is also useful in gangrenous sore throat, and to remove relaxation of the uvula, applied to the part on a camel's–hair pencil, or as a gargle. For this purpose it may be diluted, if required, with mucilage of elm bark. It is also an excellent application to the eye in cases of chronic ophthalmia. It is frequently applied locally, with advantage, in cases of swellings, rheumatic pains, partial paralysis, atrophied muscles, etc."
H–7 Dia–2 inches
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