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Medicine Jar Set
Shop Furniture
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19th century set of two medicine jars. Made from clear blown glass. Each jar has pontil marks on the bottom and have a metal lid.

Jar A. labeled Cynosbati. Also known as Dogberry, the root of Cynosbati was used during the 19th century in the treatment of uterine problems caused by having too many children. An infusion of the root was also used as a wash for sore eyes.

Jar B. labeled Sem. Cydonii. During the 18th and 19th centuries, cydonii seeds were mixed with distilled water, then strained through muslin. This mixture was used in the treatment of inflammations of mucous surfaces as well as irritation of the broncho pulmonary tract, cough, cystitis and other urinary disorders, and cutaneous and conjunctival inflammations.
H–9.5 Dia–4.5 inches
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