Pharmacy: Shop Furniture : Bulk containers for herbs, powders and liquids
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Shop Furniture
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In this collection there four amber colored glass bottles used to hold a variety of medicines. No medicine remains in these bottles today. The bottles have been made with machine blown glass which indicates that the bottles would have been produced and used during the mid to late 1800s. Each of the bottles contain a glass label with a painted gold and red border and artistic design in gold highlighting the black italicized name of the substance that was once in the bottles. Below is a brief description of the bottles and the contents that were once in the bottles.

Bottle A: Bottle A contains a label reading "Sedatole." Sedatole was a syrup used for colds and coughs.

Bottle B: Bottle B contains a label reading "Antipyrin," an abbreviation for antipyrine. Antipyrine is used to decrease pain and inflamation. Today, antipyrine is most commonly seen together with benzocarine and used to treat ear infections.

Bottle C: Bottle C contains a label reading "Sp. Menth. Pip," which is the abbreveation for the latin name Spirtus Menthae Piperitae meaning pepermint oil. Peperment oil has been used for many medical reasons throughout the years. Pepermint oil has been thought of a gastric stimulant which is thought to relieve irritable bowel syndrome, indigestion, heartburn, vommiting, diarrhea, morning sickness, and cramps. Pepermint oil is also believed to carry therapeutic properties and applied to skin to relieve muscle aches, joint pains, headaches, allergic reactions, and inflammation.

Bottle D: This bottle has no label or lid.
H–7.5 W–2.5 L–2.5 inches
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