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Suppository mold
Applebaum Suppository Machine
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White metal blend suppository press with three mold. The side of the press reads APPLEBAUM SUPPOSITORY MACHINE MFD BY DRUGGISTS APPLIANCE MFG. CO. FORT RICHMOND, N.Y. PATS PENDING.

The Applebaum Suppository Machine was patented in 1924 so this example likely predates the patent.

As Samuel applebaum explains his suppository machine in his patent application...

This invention relates to improvements in apparatus by means of which suppositories and like medicaments are molded and particularly to improvements in the parts of such machines that are immediately involved in the molding operation. It has been a common practice for pharmacists, drug clerks and others who are called upon in the ordinary pursuit of their calling to prepare suppositories and like healing articles of manufacture, to make them by hand; but that process is slow and therefore costly. Moreover, the product is not uniform in either composition, size or weight. The cost of hand–made suppositories if further enhanced by the loss due to breakage. And object of this invention is to prove a machine of the kind hereinbefore referred to which will be simple in construction, comparatively inexpensive in manufacture and efficient in operation and use. Another object of this invention lies in the provision of a suppository–making contrivance where by the loss due to breakage of the product will be reduced to a minimum and the cost of the finished articles will be lessened greatly as compared with processes heretofore in use…
H–5.5 W–2.5 D–2.5 inches
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