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Cresolene Burner
Kerosene Burner
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Late 19th century cresolene burner the base and stand are made of cast iron that has been painted gold. The glass bowl at the bottom is marked VAPO CRESOLENE KEROSENE.

The lamp cover is missing. Along with the burner is a copper bowl with a long handle for holding over the flame.

Originally, cresolene was put in the top of the burner so the fumes would be distributed throughout the room. Some pharmacists also used the burner for melting drugs to be used for injections.

Cresolene is a dark liquid with a pungent smell made from coal tar used in the 19th and early 20th century as a disinfectant and to treat various ailments such as colds and measles. There was also a special 'Vapo–Cresolene' lamp used to heat the substance so that the fumes could be inhaled.
H–6.25 inches
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