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electro magnetism
Voltamp Battery No. 6
Voltamp Electric Mfg. Co. – Baltimore, MD
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The Voltamp Battery No.6 made by the Voltamp Electric MFG. Co. in Baltimore, Maryland. This apparatus is in a wooden box with a metal handle and hinges. There are directions for use printed on the inside of the lid. It runs on a dry cell battery with induction coils and wire leads. Voltage signals were applied to different parts of the body with metal electrodes. The Voltamp Battery, along with other electro–medical batteries, were once hailed for their efficiency in treating illnesses and diseases including paralysis, rheumatism, and other nervous disorders. This device has a serial number of 15673 and was patented in 1899. These batteries were used from 1899 through the1930s, when they were forced off the market by the American Medical Association (AMA).
H–5 W–5.25 L–9 inches
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