Alternative "Quack" Medical Devices : Great For What Ails You
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Electro Magnetism Belt
Harmony electro mfg. –– Buffalo NY
Date of Manufacture:
1920/ /
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Description / History:
Harmony electro – therapeutic solenoids
This is a large leather belt with wires running through the inside. The power cord runs to a metal power box on the front of the belt. These belts typically generated electricity through magnets, claiming to cure back pain, kidney and bladder disorders, sexual dysfunction and more. By the 1920s, they had evolved into plug–in variety like the one shown here.
H–17.5 W–5 L–22.5 inches
Additional Information:
While electrical currents are still used today (though at higher power and lower expectations) to ease muscle ache and tendonitis, these early devices gained plenty of accolades from early users for curing everything from cancer to gout. Users of electromagnetic belts benefited greatly from the placebo effect. People believed the devices would make them feel more energetic and youthful, and so that is how many of them felt after using the devices.
To attain these results, one needed to first purchase the coil, then, in the comfort of one's own home, place the large coil of insulated wires around the waist, plug it in to a normal electrical outlet and receive the cure.
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