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Violet Ray Machine
Violet Wand
Bleadon –Dun Co.
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This violet ray machine, often referred to as a violet wand, was produced by Bleadon–Dun Co mostly in the 1920s and 30s as a source of alternative medicine used to specifically treat skin conditions and relieve small aches and pains. Although most of these cure–all applications like the violet ray machine were found to produce false claims and taken off the market by the FDA, the violet ray machine could have potentially helped with acne, as applying high currents dehydrates the skin. Also applying a small spark via this machine would have destroyed skin tissue and made it possible to remove warts. The ability for the device to produce heat would have relieved small pains like we do with heating patches today.

This particular violet machine come is rectangular box with a black covering that appears to be draped over wood. The product also comes with a manufacturing guarantee that would repair the apparatus for free up to twelve months and signed by the President of the company, JJ Bleadon. The serial number and date are left blank inside the box. These were used from 1915–1950s in households. This appears to manufactured in the 1940s when JJ Bleadon would have been president of the company.
H–3.25 L–12 D–7 inches
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