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Electrotherapy Unit
Fischer Quartz Ultraviolet Light
R A Fisher & Co – Glendale, CA
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A handheld Fischer Quartz ultraviolet light. This instrument was made by Robert A Fisher & Company in Glendale, California. According to one ad for the Fischer Quartz lamp, "Ultra violet energy governs the energy of every living animal cell, science seems to have proved, and that nothing lives without ultra violet energy." UV energy was thought to help in building body resistance and growth of vitamins. The UV spectrum was also believed to treat a wide variety of conditions including ulcers, acne, cancerous growths, and impetigo. This device has a long "stem" tip that allows the UV light to be applied to different areas of the body and even inserted into body cavities such as the mouth. The handheld feature allowed doctors to easily use this instrument. UV light is still used today to treat skin conditions such as psoriasis.
H–2.75 W–5.5 L–15.25 D–3.5 inches
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