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faradic stimulator
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This faradic battery, known as the Edison Family Faradic Battery and manufactured by the Edison Manufacturing Co in Orange, New Jersey under authority of Thomas Edison was used as a part of alternative medicine as a stimulator applied to muscle and bone. Faradic batteries were used in both doctor's offices and homes due to their ability to deliver a mild shock. In doctor's offices electricity was applied to patient to treat retinitis pigmentosa, heterophoria, and tabetic atrophy. At home, many believed false claims about these faradic stimulators using them to "treat" a variety of diseases, symptoms, and problems.

This particular faradic battery came in a square wooden box with a detailed set of instructions for charging the battery and changing the elements pasted on the inside top of the box. It also came with a leather strap making the stimulator convenient to carry. Although there is no date specified on the object, the patent for the portable faradic battery was issued in 1890. In 1891, there was an add in the Medical Standard for this exact model manufactured by Edison Manufacturing Co. Therefore it can be assumed this faradic battery was produced in the late 1800s.
H–7 W–7 L–7.75 inches
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