Alternative "Quack" Medical Devices : Great For What Ails You
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Electraply Laboratories, Philadelphia, PA
Date of Manufacture:
1944/ /
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Description / History:
Electraply stimulator in a black leatherette covered wooden box includes probe and battery. The date on the battery is May 1944 and marked Signal Corps, U. S. Army, Battery BA–30, contract Number W–11–019 SC–25.
The inside top is printed with the device and company names, Electraply, Made by Electraply Laboratories, Inc. Philadelphia, PA, U.S.A.
The kit consists of the hand–held roller wand with battery chamber, a round electrode that attaches to the wand by a cord, two heads for the electrode–one a cotton applicator, and a rectal or vaginal Internal Electrode, 4 1/2" long.
As with many of the quack devices of its time, the Electraply was said to cure everything from acne through obesity to wrinkles, in addition to a wide variety of diseases.
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