Cardiovascular : Painting a picture of the many developments ocurring in the field of cardiology

Since the evolution of man, he has been both enthralled and intimidated by the human heart. For centuries, it has stood as a symbol of love while, at the same time, it has also been at the base of some of the vilest human activities, from Aztec sacrifices to fights ending with a dagger through the heart.

Since British physician William Harvey's determination in 1623 that the heart was the force which circulated the blood throughout the body, physicians and scientists worldwide have sought out the underlining anatomy and biochemistry of the heart, and have attempted to develop diagnostic tools and treatments to detect and combat heart diseases. the history of cardiology can be constructed around a series of breakthroughs in the important areas of anatomical discovery and treatment development, from the first description of the heart's chamber and vessels by a French physician in 1706, to recent developments, such as the invention of the permanent, implantable, artificial heart in 1982.

With the objects in this exhibit, we are attempting to provide some concrete pieces of the evolution of the ever-changing field of cardiology.

Like much of our collection, the items in the EHMHF cardiovascular exhibit have been donated by Lancaster County doctors, historians, and collectors.

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