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Dr. Von Recklinghausen – Germany
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1935/ /
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This sphygmomanometer is Dr. Von Recklinghausen's "Scala Alternans" Oscillotonometer. Von Recklinghausen was a German physician during the early 1900s. This model was first developed in 1932 as an improvement to the first model. The physician could steadily drop the pressure in the armlet to get a good reading instead of keeping constant pressure. This instrument is in a brown, Bakelite (world's first synthetic plastic) case with a metal hinge. Inside, there is a tan and brown canvas armlet, orange and black rubber tubing and pump, and a gauge to monitor oscillations in blood pressure. It has a capacity of 300 millimeters mercury. There are also instructions of use in the case. This machine was donated to the EHMHF by Dr. Raymond Good O.D. of Strasburg, PA.
H–6 W–2.75 L–10 inches
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