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Oliver–Graham Sphygmomanometer
Grahm & Berwin, N. Y.
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Oliver–Graham portable sphygmomanometer in wooden case.
Instrument consists of a hand blown outer tube which houses another hand blown tube that contains mercury at its base and is attached via rubber tubing to a bakelite stem. There is an ivory scale on the wooden upright as well as a manufacturers tag inside the top lid. The instrument rests in a form fitted wooden holder or upright which is hinged at its base and swings up and is held in place by a wire easel. There is a label on the underside with instructions on the instruments use as well as precautions (don't suck down the mercury). The box is lined with black velvet and it is covered with cloth to resemble leather.
H–1.5 W–1.5 L–8 inches
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