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Nicholson "Princo" Sphygmomanometer
Precision Thermometer and Instrument Co. – Philadelphia, PA
Date of Manufacture:
1914/ /
Description / History:
Portable sphygmomanometer in an oak box. The lid lifts to reveal manometer folded in half. The manometer them extends with metal scale to 260 mm Hg. The reservoir is at the side of the scale. When the tube folds down a valve closes to prevent the loss of mercury. The inside base contains directions on an atteched metal plate.
Patent date is April 28, 1914.
H–1.5 W–2.25 L–8 inches
Additional Information:
According to an advertisement in the Journal of the American Medical Association, in 1915, this sphygmomanometer was sold for $15.00.

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