Scales : A century of weighing babies, medicines, and gold
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Apothecary Balance Scale
Eimer and Amend – New York
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This cast iron apothecary scale is painted red with weight holders in front. The weight trays are made of brass. This scale was made by Eimer and Amend Scientific Apparatus and Chemicals, New York. This company was a pioneer importer of European laboratory supplies, serving Thomas Edison, E.R. Squibb, Henry Ford and many other notable customers. In 1940, Eimer & Amend Company was acquired by Fisher Scientific Company. A small white placard on the top reads "Henry Troemner Philadelphia". Henry Troemner was also a manufacturer of scales and balances during the end of the 19th century out of Philadelphia, PA. The Troemner Company still exists today.
H–14 W–5.255 L–9.5 inches
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