Scales : A century of weighing babies, medicines, and gold
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Apothecary Scale
The Torsion Balance Co., New York; Hance Brothers & White Inc, Philadelphia
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This Torsion apothecary scale in glass case is accompanied by a weight set made by Hance Brothers & White, Inc. It is a nickel–plated brass and glass scale, Style 269, Class A with a capacity of 120 grams. The Torsion Balance Co. operated out of New York, and was a supplier of prescription scales used in pharmacies. The weight set is contained in a wooden box.
Hance Brothers & White, Inc, makers of the weight set, was a pharmaceutical company which operated out of Philadelphia, PA. They were among the first druggists to produce soluble compressed tablets.
H–6.5 W–5.5 L–12.75 inches
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