Scales : A century of weighing babies, medicines, and gold
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Apothecary Scale
Henry Troemner – Philadelphia, PA
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This cast iron and brass apothecary scale was made by Henry Troemner in Philadelphia, PA. There are five accompaning weights of different sizes also made of iron. There is a brass bar with a sliding weight marked in whole grains from 0 to 120. It is also marked in .1 grams from 0 to 8. A metal tag reads "Capacity 4 oz No. 6". The brass tray on the left is bowl–shaped and has a lip. Medicine and other pharmacutical items were placed in this tray. The brass tray on the right is flatter and is affixed to the scale. The weights were placed in this tray. It is dated to the late 19th century.
H–7.25 W–4 L–10 inches
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