Scales : A century of weighing babies, medicines, and gold
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Infant Scale
Continental Scale Works – Chicago, Illinois
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This white metal infant scale, called "Stork Scale", was produced by the Continental Scale Works of Chicago, Illnois in 1930. A stamp on the bottom of the scale indicates that it was manufactured June 4, 1930. The scale contains a small crib–like table to hold the infant while the baby can measured and weighed up to 18 pounds. On the safety base contains a label reading "The Stork Scale, meets every professional requirement, after they grow up weigh them daily on a Health–O–Meter." Another Stamp stating what a boy should weight according to age and height is also on the base. Another logo is located on the base stating the location and doctor, however it is illegible.
H–12 W–14 L–23 inches
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