Scales : A century of weighing babies, medicines, and gold
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Patient Scale
Howe Scale Company – Rutland, Vermont
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A white–painted metal patient scale. It was used by doctors to measure the weight and height of patients in doctors' offices and hospitals. This scale has a capacity of 300 pounds. There is also a metal bar that pulls up to measure height in feet. This scale was made by the Howe Scale Company which manufactured scales in Rutland, Vermont for 105 years until it quit operations in 1982. This scale is dated to the early 1900s. A patent was submitted by Samuel Bradley in 1900, the owner of the Howe Scale Company at the time, on an improved platform floor scale. Today, Howe scales are still in use throughout the world.
H–52 W–18 D–23 inches
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This patient scale can be viewed in our museum exhibit space as part of our "A Century of Pregress. Medicine from 1800 to 1900".
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