Scales : A century of weighing babies, medicines, and gold
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Infant Scale
Hanson Brothers Scale Co.
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1928/ /
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This wicker–cribbed, white painted metal, infant scale was manufactured by the Hanson Brothers Scale Company and is called the Hanson Nursery Scale. This model contains a wicker crib to hold the infant while being weighed. The scale contains no visible weights. The weight of the infant is read via a meter and a clock hand pointing to the weight in pounds and ounces. The scale can measure up to 24 lbs 15 oz. A listing of average weights for girls and boys is recorded on the meter. A list of patents that cover of scale are also recorded on the meter. The most recent patent recorded was published in 1928 and was invented by Marius H. Hansen and assigned to Hanson Brothers.

H–13.5 W–12.5 L–23.75 inches
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