Orthopedics : The Bone Doctor
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– 19th to 20th Century
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Late twentieth century knee prosthesis. A total knee arthoplasty (TKA) contains four implant components: femoral component, polyethylene spacers, tibial tray, and patella button. The fermoral component that replaces the bottom end of the femur (thighbone). It is grooved so that without restraint the kneecap can bend and straighten as it goes up and down. The fermoral component and tibial component has a polyethylene space that goes in between, which provides a cushion for the metal apparatuses. The tibial tray replaces the top surface of the tibia, the tray has a flat platform and a stem. The stem of the tibial tray is implanted into the tibia bone to give additional strength. Lastly, the patella button replaces the kneecap's exterior and it is placed behind the patella.
H–2.25 W–1.75 L–2.75 inches
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