Bloodletting : A Cure or a Curse
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– 19th to 20th Century
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Large wooden box consisting of two spring loaded lancets and five glass bleeding cups.

The bleeding cups (1870–1900) were used in one of two ways; they were either used to simply expand the blood vessels thereby creating a blood filled blister, or were used to expand the blood vessels in order to then cut the blister with a scarifactor or lancet and let the blood bleed out. Doctors either heated the inside or the outside of the cups to create pressure that induces suction.

The small spring brass and silver lancet is packaged in a small black leather box with brown cloth interior. The large brass spring lancet is also in a black leather box with brown interior. Engraved on the side is the term "Snowden Phila". Thomas Snowden's company, Snowden, came about after his dissolved partnership with John Wiegand in 1855. This dates this particular lancet to between 1855 and 1857. The relatively large size of the lancet suggests it was used by a veterinarian.

H–3 W–2.5 Dia–3 inches
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