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Nasal Douche and Dish
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Birmingham Nasal Douche in the original box. Used to clean nasal passages.

The Harris Nasal Dish – a glass dish for cleaning the nasal passages. Patented in 1903, the dish also includes the instruction booklet.

The instruction booklet reads:
Make a solution of granulated boracic acid by dissolving one and one half oz. of boracic acid in 1 quart of hot water. Draw the breath gently through the nose. Keep the mouth closed. The solution will follow the breath. As the solution passes through the nasal passages expectorate. Keep the head down. This prevents the solution and diseased mucous from entering the throat and stomach, thereby preventing catarrh of the throat, stomach and intestines. Use night and morning.
If the disease is deep seated, fill the nostrils, then throw the head as far back as possible. This will allow the solution to reach the diseased parts. Hold head back for a minute or two, then throw forward, and solution will pass out through the nostrils.
The advantage of the Harris Nasal Dish over all others is that it will not allow the solution to choke or strangle the user, as it is impossible if the dish is used as directed for the poisonous mucous that is washed out of the nasal passages to pass into the throat or stomach. Solution drops in the mouth and is then expectorated.
W–2.5 L–5 inches
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