Otorhinolaryngology : The ear nose and throat doctor
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20th cent
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Iodine Dusting Powder, Sulzberger, for Blower.
Full bottle in original box. Box reads, As Recommended by Dr. M. D. Lederman of New York. Very effective in chronic suppurtive infections of the middle ear, and nasal sinuses. An intimate association of iodine and boric asic, prepared under process of Dr. nathan sulzberger, of new York, offering free iodine in minute division, without the necessity of breaking up a chemical compound. Made in two strengths of iodine,, the stron approximately two per cent, the weak approximately one percent. Both strengths should be availabel. Treatments should be started with teh weak powder. The bottle sold for $1.50 and is the weak strenght.

This compound was also used as a general antiseptic for wounds and can be used in powder form or mixed with water to create a wash to clense and disinfect wounds.

Clear glass Nebulizer with rubber bulb.
Although this mebulizer is not the original blower typically used for the iodine medication, the nebulizer would still have been used to administer the iodine medication in either powder or liquid form.
L–5 Dia–2 inches
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